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“Chris has done an amazing job for Down & Out Books. His edits are on target and incredibly helpful for the author and the publisher. I highly recommend Chris Rhatigan.” Eric Campbell, publisher Down & Out Books

“Chris has worked with me on my last three novels. I couldn’t imagine going with anyone else. Much of his talent lies in how he responds to my style. He doesn’t react, he enhances your voice. Beyond clarity and syntax, he polishes stones into gems. Pinch-hitter edits or layer-by-layer line edits, he’ll elevate whatever project you have.“ — Tom Pitts, author of 101 and American Static

I’ve been involved in the fiction world as an editor, publisher, and writer for almost a decade. I’m the publisher of All Due Respect Books, an independent press peddling crime fiction. I also edit manuscripts for publishers such as Down & Out Books and Fahrenheit Press, have edited several anthologies, and ran a magazine. Most of my waking hours are spent in some way on crime fiction.

In other words, I don’t have much of a life. And this is exactly the kind of person you want editing your work. Someone whose idea of a perfect day is endless cups of coffee and reading paperbacks. Someone who will sweat out whether that technically correct comma is necessary. Someone who is so unreasonably committed to storytelling that he co-founded an independent publishing company. 

With every project I work on, my goal is to strengthen your work on your terms. You should feel confident that when your book hits the virtual or physical shelves, it’s exactly what you envisioned. Check out my freelance mystery editor services here.